Research Interests

Psychology of Action

  • Deliberation, implementation, action, and evaluation mindsets: Information processing at different phases of goal pursuit.
  • Goal intentions versus implementation intentions: Differential effects on cognition, affect, and behavior.
  • Differences in conscious vs. non-conscious goal pursuit.
  • The willful control of unwanted automatic thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  • Emotional states of mind: Effects on action control.
  • Persistence in goal pursuit: Effective self-regulatory thoughts.
  • Affective consequences of goal implementation: The speed of goal pursuit.
  • Neuropsychological aspects of action control: e.g., effects of implementation intentions in frontal lobe patients.
  • Health promoting behaviors: The role of goals and plans.
  • Flexibility/rigidity in goal pursuit.

Self and Identity

  • Symbolic self-completion: Various forms of self-symbolizing as a consequence of self-definitional incompleteness.
  • Social reality of self-symbolizing: Effects of public recognition of self-definitional symbols.
  • Social interaction: Interpersonal insensitivity as a consequence of self-symbolizing.
  • Intentions as symbols: Negative effects on action initiation.
  • Identity conflicts: Motivational versus volitional crises.
  • The willful pursuit of identity: A life-span perspective.

International cooperation partners are:

  • Prof. J. Bargh, Yale University, guest in Konstanz 1996/97
  • Prof. P. Carnevale, University of Southern California
  • Prof. H. Grant, Lehigh University
  • Prof. P. Jensen, Columbia University, New York
  • Prof. A. Nadler, Tel Aviv University, Israel
  • Prof. G. Oettingen, New York University / University of Hamburg, Germany
  • Prof. P. Sheeran, The University of South Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
  • Prof. S. Taylor, UCLA
  • Prof. D. Amodio, New York University
  • Prof. J. Hirsch, Columbia University, New York
  • Prof. T. Webb, University of Sheffield, UK