Dr. Maik Bieleke

Social Psychology and Motivation
P.O. Box 39
University of Konstanz
D-78457 Konstanz

Room: C 504
Fon: ++49-(0)-7531-88 2635
Fax: ++49-(0)-7531-88 3286
E-mail: maik.bieleke [at] uni-konstanz.de

I am a researcher at the chair of Social Psychology and Motivation and in the DFG research group Psychoeconomics. My main research topic is on how people strategically regulate their information processing, and the consequences of doing so for their decisions.

From 2007 to 2012, I studied psychology and economics at the University of Konstanz. My theses in both areas examined how people respond to psychological and economic incentives and were supervised by Anja Achtziger and Carlos Alós-Ferrer. In 2015, I completed my doctorate at the Graduate School of Decision Sciences (GSDS) on the topic "The self-regulation of information processing and decision making" (committee: Peter M. Gollwitzer, Urs Fischbacher, and Gabriele Oettingen) with honors (summa cum laude).


In my research, I am investigating information processing and decision making, broadly defined. My main research topics pertain to the self-regulation of information processing (e.g., perception and selective attention) and decision making (e.g., social decision making and rationality). To illustrate, I try to answer questions like: "Can people strategically enhance their information processing efficiency?" or "How does strategic regulation of information processing affect how people decide?"

Students who want to write their bachelor or master theses on my research topics may contact me at any time.


My teaching experience comprises basic research methods (practices of scientific work, data analysis) as well as conceptual and applied research (social preferences, motivation and emotion, consumer behavior). I have offered courses on B.Sc., M.Sc., and PhD levels; currently, I am offering the following two seminars:

Data Analysis Using R (B.Sc. Psychology)

In diesen Seminare führe ich Studenten in die Datenanalyse mit R ein. Im ersten Teil geht es um grundlegende Themen wie die Erstellung und Manipulation von Objekten, den Import und die Aufbereitung von Daten sowie elementare graphische Darstellungsmöglichkeiten gehen. Im Anschluss daran wird die Implementierung gängiger statistischer Verfahren in R erläutert (z.B. ANOVA, Regression). Dies umfasst die Überprüfung von Testvoraussetzungen, die Durchführung von Tests sowie die graphisch ansprechende Aufbereitung der Ergebnisse. Als Software werden R (https://www.r-project.org/) und die IDE R Studio (https://www.rstudio.com/) verwendet. Beide Programme können kostenfrei heruntergeladen und genutzt werden. Keywords: R, data analysis, visualisation, statistics

Do I like what I prefer?


The interdisciplinary symposium  "Do I like what I prefer? Integrating research on attitudes and preferences" took place from December 17 to 19, 2014, at the University of Konstanz. It was arranged within the Graduate School of Decision Sciences (GSDS) and brought together researchers from various fields (psychology, economics, and the political sciences) to discuss empirical and theoretical aspects of attitudes and preferences.

Symposium Organization Team: Maik Bieleke | David Dohmen | Anja Weiergräber