Research Portrait in uni'kon

Wanja Wolff, Maik Bieleke, and Lorena Baumann

How do people self-regulate their perceptions of effort during physical tasks? This question is in the focus of a research collaboration between our working group and the chair of sport psychology, which has now been portrayed in uni'kon.

Dr. Maik Bieleke and Dr. Wanja Wolff (chair of sport psychology) study whether implementation intentions (if-then plans) help dealing with negative sensations in endurance tasks (e.g., pain and effort) and the underlying neuro-psycho-physiological correlates of these self-regulation strategies. Dr. Wolff summarises our findings in an interview with uni'kon (vol. 68, pp. 24-27), the quarterly University of Konstanz magazine. You can download the volume here.

An overview of publications originating from the research collaboration and offers for Bachelor and Master theses can be found here.